3 Challenges in Freelancing with 3 Best solutions to overcome them

Every field of work has its pros and cons and so does freelancing. Working as a freelancer is not a cup of tea as there are tons of issues that a freelancer has to go through. With the freelancing market expanding day by day, the competition has now turned quite competitive. So, if you are one of those, who dreams to make a mark as a freelancer, here are few tips and tricks to overcome the 3 common challenges that emerge from freelancing:

3 Challenges in Freelancing Blog

1. Getting Clients: The first thing that keeps bothering a freelancer is to find relevant clients. One has to make calls to people, who can help find them a client, keep posting about the services you offer and sometimes try to reach out to clients directly. This is one hell of a job. So, what’s the solution?

Solution: A simple and quick solution to find clients to buy your services is to get registered yourself on a freelancing service marketplace. Clients are intelligent and have the knowledge of where to find and hire freelancer to fulfill their requirements. On an online freelancing site, it is the other way round. If you have a proper portfolio uploaded, clients browse them carefully. They view your past work, and make a decision of whether to hire or not, keeping the prices quoted by you in mind. So, if you have the right portfolio submitted on the right platform, the gates of your success will surely open up.

2. Disturbances at Home: Working from home can sometimes lead to lot of problems for a freelancer. Be it the barking dog or the crying of a baby or the high volume of the TV, work can get hampered for several reasons.

Solution: The best solution is to let all the members of the family know that you are at work. Well, yes it is difficult for the children to keep calm but at least you will be aware that somebody can be disturbed. Make sure you while you work from home, you keep the door closed.

3. Payment and Managing Time: Working as a freelancer requires immense concentration and issues like chasing payments and managing time can be painful. If you are working for several clients at a time, you need to keep a track of the payment dates and in case, you do not receive it on time, you have to literally run for it. Who suffers? Of course, you and your work flow.

Solution: There are many mobile apps that can manage your schedules for payment but wait, does it work automatically? Not really. You need to customize your priorities and requirements on the app. How about a solution that would not require your time and attention? Well, again the best solution would be an online freelancing site. The payment process in a freelance market place requires the client to deposit the payment with the site, which is released to the freelancer as soon as the requirements are met satisfactory. So, you find freelance jobs online, submit the work on time and the payment reaches your bank account. It’s that simple! When it comes to managing time for freelancers, especially the inexperienced ones need to invest lot of their time to promote themselves, reading relevant stuffs to enhance skills, negotiating rates, etc. All these often overlap with each other and suddenly, you realize you might miss your deadlines. If you are really serious with freelance work, you need to organize a schedule after you find freelance jobs online. Right from setting the alarm in the morning to finishing off projects on priority basis, make a schedule for your work as per the deadlines. Always remember that every client wants to hire freelancer that not just delivers quality work but delivers work on time.

If you are a freelancer and face these three common challenges while working, the above mentioned solutions, if adopted properly can surely enhance your productivity.

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