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Being able to earn significantly without having a full time job is wonderful! If you are a freelancer, you must be well aware of the perks of taking up freelance work from home and being your own boss. But freelancing is also not a cake walk. It has its fair share of challenges that might hinder your growth. Fortunately, you can keep these mistakes at bay with some easy to follow guidelines. A cheat-sheet of such mistakes and how to avoid them is elucidated in the account below –


1. Not knowing how much to charge

Among the mistakes freelancers make with project management is being unable to decide how much they should charge. Know the rates in the freelance market. It will help you stay ahead in the game. Also, make sure that you have the portfolio to back it up. For instance, on online marketplaces, a content writer may charge Rs. 500 to write a 1000 word article. On the other hand, other writer may write a 200 word article for the same amount. Amount charged for various writing verticals depend on experience and skills of writers.

  1. Lack of communication

It goes without saying that every freelancer should begin with channels of communications so that the work flows smoothly and correctly. It might be difficult to effectively communicate with your clients and co-employees, when you are working at home, away from the office environment. So it is prudent to go for an online marketplace like Ruprr where buyers and sellers can communicate directly and avoid issues cropping up in the projects.

  1. Forgetting important contacts

To work successfully and earn handsomely, you should always have projects in hand. So, it is vital to be in touch with important contacts that can bring you lucrative projects and assignments. Make a repository of contact details of the people you meet who can provide you with rewarding projects.

  1. Taking on a lot of projects

Before taking up any project, ensure that you would complete and deliver it within the promised timeline. Also, make sure that you don’t compromise with the quality for quantity. So, don’t take up unnecessary number of projects that you would not be able to submit on time. It would hamper your repute as a sincere professional, and certainly, you don’t want that.

  1. Making your schedule suffer

When you don’t have specific timings for work, you tend to upset your schedule and work for erratic hours. Specify a schedule for work every day and stick to it. Health and routine are more important and will help you in the longer run than completing more projects in a day than you usually do.

In a nutshell, it is easy to succeed as a freelancer. Just keep the above pointers in mind and prove your worth in the market. Also, keep consulting with your friends so that you can learn from their mistakes, lessons, and experiences. Thus, it is now easy to boost your freelancing career, without mistakes. Good luck!


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