7 Power Tips to Create a Super Effective Explainer Video

With immense competition in the market, consumers are the ones that have benefited the most.  Today’s consumers have ample amount of options to buy products or services at best prices. As a result of a wide array of choices, consumers have turned less tolerant to pause and read a long ad copy or a lengthy ad or even read an email from a company promoting its business. On the other hand, business heads and experts understand this scenario well and constantly come up with innovative marketing strategies that engages and drives their target audience to take action.


Talking about new marketing strategies that are focused on engagement and arrest the attention of the people, explainer videos have emerged as a blessing in disguise. Businesses nowadays hire explainer video experts to get best results. Here are useful tips to create a super effective explainer video:

#1. Short & Crisp is Always Sweet: The duration of an effective explainer video should ideally be within 90 seconds. In fact, depending on the message to be delivered, 60 seconds are enough to create an influence on the viewer. As per an expert researcher, it has been found that about 50% of the viewer stop watching an explainer video after 60 seconds and around 60% stop after 120 seconds.

#2. Focus on a Problem: The best proven way to get the attention of the target audience is to identify a problem that the target audience is facing. If you find explainer video experts for the job, you should always discuss with them to present the problem in the first part of the video.

#3. Provide a Solution: After you have focused on the problem in the first half of the video, it’s time to present a relevant solution to the target audience in the second part of the video. Do not shout about the solution but in a very subtle manner, explain how the solution can solve the problems.

#4. Not Features, But Benefits: Consumers are not just smart these days but smarter. Thus, do not brag about the features of the product or service, rather talk about the benefits. Instead of presenting a list of technical features, talk about how it can make the lives of the target audience better.

#5. Voice Matters: If you consider to hire explainer video experts then you should also hire a professional voice over for the video. A professional voice is always an added advantage as it can create an influence on the minds of the viewer right away.

#6. Fun Element is a Must: Who doesn’t want to have some fun? Regardless who is watching the video, a pinch of fun element in the video can do wonders. It can make the target audience laugh and feel happy and at the same time, realize the importance of absorbing the solution offered by the company.

#7. Call for Action: Any marketing strategy is incomplete without a call for action. Thus, make sure you put in your special offer or a call number, sign up option or any other call for action options, at the end of the video.

It is strongly recommended that to create an effective explainer video, one should always utilize expertise. Even if you have a tight budget, you can always find explainer video experts on a freelancing basis, instead of hiring a full time resource.

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