Getting started: 4 Tips For Sellers

Even though signing up to be a Ruprr seller takes minutes, there are certain tips you can use to improve your sales.

4 steps for sellers on ruprr

  1. Browse through the Jobs section before posting your Job

Even if you’re a professional with an impressive portfolio, it is important to look around the website and see what all other sellers are offering. Are your services overpriced compared to other sellers with similar review history? Are there a lot of sellers in your particular field of expertise? The more you know about the trends in the Ruprr marketplace, the better your Job will look to prospective buyers.

  1. Make your Job visible

Buyers usually have a lot of options for the services they require on the front page, so your Job needs to be stand out from the rest. Keep the description brief and to the point, describing the essential details and leaving out the ones that aren’t important, so the buyers know precisely what you’re offering and nothing else. If you can, always post a video with your Job, because visual cues tend to work better than text.

  1. Be prompt with your responses

Make sure to try and respond to Job orders before 24-hours of getting an order. It doesn’t just make it easier for the buyer to do business on the website, but also improves your Response Time, which in turns positively affects your review history.

  1. Spend time on making your profile

Like most businesses, a strong brand identity directly results in better sales. As a seller on Ruprr, your profile is your brand identity, as it’s the first thing buyers see before ordering a Job. Describe your previous work as well as your skill-set in as much detail as possible. Always deliver what you promised, and cooperate with the buyer in case they require modifications; it’ll help keep your negative reviews at a minimum.

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