How Freelancing helped me Fulfill my Ambitions #FollowYourDreams

My father had a silent and reasonable teaching career. He used to teach mathematics in a higher secondary school in a small town of Uttar Pradesh.  Owing to interest in mathematics, my father thought that his son could be a technical graduate by obtaining a degree in engineering or biotech. So, he sent me to Nashik for better and stable education. Nevertheless, my flop schooling tenure proved that a father’s aspiration can’t be fulfilled by his son.

Honestly, I had no interest in teachers, for my own school teachers were dull and unimpressive. So, thinking of a teaching career was big no-no from my heart. My neighbors, more or less, presumed that I would be a good student since my father was a teacher. But still, my life was good in Nashik. I had many best friends, who like me, were as poor as I was in studies. So, we always thought world can move even without scholars.


Due to immense parental pressure, somehow I did my 12th from science. My father sent me good money to take admission in an engineering college, but I opted for Arts stream. The real havoc befell me when my parents discovered that I hadn’t been pursuing engineering, but something else. They stopped sending me money and I had to work in hotels and clothing stores to sustain in that beautiful city – for I never wanted to leave my friends.

After three years, I became a graduate with English honors. Since I was in love with English language, I thought to become a content writer. So, I started my career writing web content – I did well and learnt lot. But I was unable to make huge money off my writing career. And I knew without money I would not be able to serve my parents, as they were getting old thinking their only child wasted their aspirations and couldn’t be their support.

So, one day I left the job because I discovered that I am a bohemian kind of person. I had little money with me from my savings, from that I purchased one used laptop and internet connection. I did tremendous search online to find freelance tips and portals from where I can find good clients but all efforts went in vain. With some luck, I managed to get some work from local Nashik and Mumbai clients, but their payment system was pathetic and they really paid less. Going back to job meant stick to an office under the vigilance of a boss who hardly understands writing rules. The idea was ridiculous, so I clung to myself. I continued freelancing, though the money I was receiving was fiddling. I continued the same life and, communicating less with my parents, in between tried some platforms but didn’t get enough on any of them.

One day a friend called me to know some freelancing tips and also told me about ruprr.com. With faint heart, I joined it. One thing that impressed me instantly was that the site had a lot of clients demanding writing projects. It was a good hope for me. Surprisingly, I got my first order within 12 hours; I delivered it and then got another. In a month’s time, I made good money. It was first time in my life that I thought that the idea of freelancing would work for me.

My Advice for Success as a Freelancer –

To become a successful freelancer, one needs patient, honest self-evaluation and self-belief. I always took creative content writing projects from clients, as I am good at it. I worked quite consistently for number of clients including some from Dubai and Italy. When you work consistently and do the re-edits as per client’s specifications it helps in winning further projects. Now, I have many reoccurring clients.

Freelancing has changed my life –

Ruprr.com is the best platform, especially for Indian freelancers, as it has clients from across the world. So, one can choose clients country-wise and every client puts good project description. After spending over 6 months on this platform I feel comfortable and fetch work easily from clients. The rating and comment system speaks positive about me, which helps me to get good clients. My idea to become a successful freelancer has come true because of this platform. Today, I earn good money and recently bought a hatchback car for my parents. They have forgotten about the old aspiration, which they had set for me, and now look up to me as an internet writer, if not content writer.

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  1. Becoming a winning freelancer doesn’t need only skills. you would like to own goals and work toward achieving such goals. By the time you reach these goals, you’ll sure enough become prepared to satisfy additional targets. Attaining your personal goals (whether money or professional) can assist you keep additional centered in what you are doing.

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