Zack Created His Dream Job in Graphic Design – Here’s how #TopNotchSeller

How is he earning more with Service Packages?  

Zack Robins is a native of Orlando, Florida. He loves exploring that’s why he spends his weekdays in the sea catching fish with other fishermen on their trawlers. During weekends he creates amazing graphic designs. The vastness of sea; a source of inspiration for his designing penchant also gives him the courage to swim in uncharted waters. During the rainy season fishing closes down and this is the time which gives him financial crunches. To overcome this hurdle and to reach out to wider audiences to showcase his designing talent, Zack founds Ruprr while browsing freelance jobs one summery evening.


When did you join Ruprr, and what you like most about it?

Zack: Well, as I have many friends who do freelancing round the year, so I always knew that freelancing is a good source to make money during weekends or when I am at ground (rainy season). Coming to your question – I joined Ruprr in October 2015 – it’s been over seven months. I preferred Ruprr over many other freelance sites, because here I found it easy to create service packages. Whereas on many other sites it is either a paid service or they just don’t look authentic.

Were there any difficulties finding clients or customers with service packages?

Zack: As a normal freelancer my services were at sale for $ 7, which was not enough as per my expectations. I discovered that creating services will enhance my earnings. So, I did it. Just like quality serving sellers, on freelance portals rich or quality seeking clients do come. Creating packages made it easy to get clients. Though I get less orders but I make good money, as I said quality seeking clients will reward you rightly. And in my personal opinion: in every demand-cycle chain quality never loses its value.

Has your life changed since joining Ruprr, especially offseason?

Zack: More than money, my purpose to join Ruprr platform was to pass on my designing skills to the people of world. Yes, I do make good amount of money while working on weekends and I feel relaxed about my expenses and this time I would not need to go anywhere seeking a job when the rain would come. And interestingly, many of my clients come from Europe and Australia – this is a good opportunity to know what they think about work values and arts.

Had it not been for the package creation services, I wouldn’t be earning good money and working with good clients. The Ruprr platform is simply great and reliable.

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