Questions to ask before you go to Find Graphic Design Jobs

There are millions of freelancers in the world, some take freelancing by choice, and some do it because they have no better choices. Among all skills, hire graphic design experts account for 20 percent, while writers are around 18 percent in the world of freelancing. These types of skills are prevalent on global service marketplaces. But the question is how many of the designers are happy being a freelancer. Freelancing offers freedom from rigid working hours but also takes away the financial stability. So, in the case of a graphic designer, how would you rationale your steps? Could be possible you may land up barking up the wrong tree.

Questions to ask before you go to Find Graphic Design Jobs

Here is a simple method based on day to day psychology whether you can find graphic design jobs as a freelancer or not. When you self asses, you get much help to decide on your career moves.

Do you hesitate?
In a regular job when a task is given to you – you either say yes or no or at times take time for thinking. That’s OK with your regular 9 to 5 job. Well, there you know your colleagues and boss. However, the world of freelancers, move on direct and instant decisions – once taken a project saying no is big mess there.
Do you say ‘Yes’ often?

Opposed to reticent and hesitant – other case is of a babbler who says yes all the time and feel like a slave. This tendency is way dangerous than one of way cooler one. As a freelancer, if you bid at first glance, start working without caring much about rates, open to multiple revisions; then you going to have a tough time because this attitude will cause loss of temperament, time and money as well. Your clients will always feel that you are a timid bird and can be shot down anytime, that too mercilessly. Learn to say no when it is most needed, otherwise you know yourself.

Do you overrate your Skills?
If the answer is yes, then never leave your 9 to 5 job. Many a time, it happens that we dream about extraordinary results with very basic talent or skills. So, if you consider yourself a game-changing graphic designer by having knowledge of Photoshop or Adobe illustrator only, then your truth needs a bite that graphic designers hold great skills and creativity, who so often translate any idea into beautiful reality. In the world of freelancing, clients expect a pie at the price of cheese. It means they find graphic design service for their project, but at cheap rates.

Do you believe in Easy Money?
In life nothing comes easy as well as free. Adverts promoting freelance websites often tag something rubbish like be your own boss, work when you wish, make millions in a month, etc. If you pay bills regularly from your salary and also think that with these basic skills you are doing fine in your current job, without getting noticed by many. Then freelancing world will be a tough place for you. Reason is very simple to get work and make money you need to outpace thousands of other graphic designers, who like you are in search of both fortune and freedom.

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