Tips for Concepts for Wedding Invitation Design

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Wow! This is so creative! What an idea.. I mean…this is like a breath of fresh air and it’s so unique! I have to call them right now to tell them guys rock!


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Hmm…They are getting married. The date & location will be convenient for us. Honey, I’ve kept the wedding card on the dinning, see it when you have time.

If you are the one, who dreams of getting to hear the first reaction mentioned above over your wedding invitation card, then read on, this blog is meant for you.


It is needless to say that weddings are a very special event in everybody’s life and we all want to keep no stone unturned when it comes to the arrangements for this once-in-a-lifetime event. One of the most important aspects of a wedding is the wedding invitation card that not only serves as an informational material but creates an impression of the bride and groom along with their families. If you want a wedding card that stands apart from the traditional ones with sprinkles of creativity, here are few tips to design a unique wedding card, which is only possible if you hire wedding card designer.

Theme: Decide a theme for the wedding card upon which you can create the card, in discussion with your designer. The theme solely depends on the choices of the would-be bride and groom, backed by suggestions by the card designer. Don’t worry, if you are confused with the theme, an experienced designer would give you ample creative themes and I am sure you will like them all!

  •  FYI: The balloon theme is a popular creative idea, where invitees are given a deflated balloon and asked to blow it to read the information about the wedding.

Tell a story: If you decide to find wedding card designer, you can make a wedding card a sort of small story book of your love story with your would-be better half. You may choose to tell your story in a short and crisp manner such as how you guys met, how you two became friends and then, when did you finally decide to tie the knot.

Colors and Text: Too much of anything is never good. Keep this in mind, while you decide the colors and the text of the wedding card. Stick to the usage of fewer colors and less words. More the wedding card becomes populated, lesser attentive the reader becomes. You know, simplicity is sometimes attractive.

Shapes and Size: The traditional size and shape for wedding invitation cards have always been 4.5-inch-by-6.25-inch (rectangular). Couples that hire wedding card designer have the option the play with the shapes and sizes that would give it a new look. However, retreating away from the standard envelop size can result in a bulky invitation card; thus, play with the shapes & sizes but within a boundary.

Budget is always a matter of concern for everyone but every lock has a key. You can find wedding card designer on a freelancing basis, which is a cost-effective solution. And with the emergence of online freelancing sites getting quality freelancers is a piece of cake!

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