Top 5 Professions where Women Outshine Men

On International Women’s Day it is inevitable that we don’t celebrate their achievements. Over few years, they have exhibited considerable and commendable growth that demands a salute. One of these is professional progress. There are several occupations in which they take home richer paychecks than men. The professions in which women out-earned men ranged from content or creative writers and tour guides to musicians and nutritionists. Here are the professions where women out-earned men. Explore through these occupations that have added wings to the career of the fairer sex in the account that follows-

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day, 2016

  1. Content Writers

Creative and able to explain things in a lucid manner, women make great writers. They carve a commendable career through scriptwriting, copywriting, translation, product description, press release, sports writing, creative writing, and many more writing domains. Thus, Female freelancers mostly are in high demand.


2. Tour and Travel Guides

As guides in travel and tour, women are known to outshine men. These gorgeous guides are highly in demand when it comes to Cruise Planner, Travel Writer, travel blogger, and Travel Agent. Those having a command over a foreign language are at more advantage.


3. Musicians, singers, and related workers

Music business has witnessed a skyrocketing recently. So, careers in video game audio are taking a giant leap. Women are known to doing fairly well in this career domain. They are proving to be great assistant engineers creating rough mixes in the studio. Audio directors, music therapists, recording engineers, music bloggers, and orchestral musicians are other fields in this rhythmic sphere where women are fared laudably.

4. Dietitians and Nutritionists

This is another domain where women make more money than men. Having knowledge about daily diet and nutrition, women prove to be great at the roles of dieticians and nutritionists. No matter, whether they take up these professions as full time or freelancing, they earn whopping amount of money.


5. Residential Advisors & Counselors

In the job roles of counselors and advisors, women show another flawless aspect as professionals. By coordinating activities in residential facilities in secondary and college dormitories, group homes, or similar establishments they have carved a niche. They also provide solutions to residents for their problems as well as turn as their counseling resources.

In a nutshell, on this Women’s day and many more to come, women will be celebrated for their inimitable spirit and persona. They have proved their worth in every sphere of life and live every role with excellence that take up, be it of a homemaker or of a working woman. The above mentioned professions where they have outshined men, is just a glimpse of her caliber and achievements. A long way to go woman!



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