Top Trends that Might Give a New Definition To Digital Marketing

From a technical wonder to a business must, internet seems to have obtained an overnight importance. Right from finding relevant answers to checking prevailing trends, internet has become the one-stop-solution to varied problems. One of the most influential and followed trend that internet experienced was online marketing, which gradually became the need of every company, brand, software, and an individual.

Marketing products and services online, so that users can spot them easily on search engine is a process that is termed as online marketing. Eventually, a lot of mediums for online promotion were introduced that included usage of web, mobile, display advertising etc. and all those tactics used for marketing got an umbrella term, which is Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Experts

The entire concept of online marketing works around the concept of search engine algorithms. And thus, it is important that right strategic approach is followed to get right online presence and search engine raking. That is why, businesses need and find digital marketing experts for their brands.

Digital marketing is not new and there is a lot happened and happening with it. For its betterment, a few new trends are introduced in the year 2016, which we are going to discuss today.

Video Ads: Till now, brands advertise themselves on social media and search engines through text ads, images, and graphics. Nowadays, what is catching the user attention, and particularly search engine’s is the video advertisement. Users have accepted this visual marketing tactic and after Google owing YouTube, there are endless possibilities of this line, given preference.

App Indexing: Till date, the benefits of an app were limited to ease at usability at the user’s end. Although apps offer every functionality as that of a website, but still it requires years for an app to replace the website. However, year 2016 marks a start at acceptance over the apps over websites, which is great for the mobile world.

Mobile over Desktop: The year 2015 saw a wave of mobile friendly websites, being the preference of users. Along with an optimized desktop website, its mobile version is important to mark a presence in the online world. This is the reason why freelance digital marketing jobs enlist a key requirement to make a website mobile friendly.

Digital Assistants: Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click are some of the valued and adopted strategies to bring traffic to the website, from different sources. However, along with users, online assistants like Siri and Cortana are using search engines find a set of information. Therefore, the websites are required to reach the digital assistants also, ensuring better reach through exceptional mediums.

Virtual Keyboards: A variety of keyboards are being introduced that enables the users to connect directly to the search engines. For example: Google recently introduced g for iPhone that enable the users to search anything on web, within the app. Such advancement bind companies to find digital marketing experts who can work on every minor to major detail of the arena.

Want to Work on 2016 Trends? Get Hired, Get Going!

The above section is just a highlight towards what is new in the online marketing field, and undoubtedly, there is a lot happening in it. And if you have the skills that companies and brands might be looking for to have an effective presence online, then register yourself to Ruprr, today.

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